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Who We Are:

Rahila Maqsood is fast becoming a well respected event planner in the Karachi. Her event and party plan​ning boutique prides itself on designing  events that are indicative of your personality. What makes her so unique? She listens to her clients, ensuring that she delivers their vision while creating an ambience that provides memorable experiences. She believes even the smallest budgets can create big moments.

Why Us:

Why Occasian Planner by Rahila Maqsood (OPbyRM) Because

Although I enjoyed the challenges that I experienced, and the skills I acquired have been life changing, I knew my desire was to work in an industry that encouraged out of the box thinking and allowed room for artistic creation.
For as long as I can remember I have always been passionate about hosting events. When I began thinking about forming my own business, it made sense that I would choose a career avenue where I could apply my financial expertise. The special events industry has proven to be the perfect outlet for those specific skills. I have been doubly blessed because I genuinely love what I do.
I undersand that​​ not everyone has the ability to step into their own home and see their space for all of its party possibilities. However, everyone does have a space that can be utilized to create the perfect ambiance for a special event.